Mexican investigator in Falcon Lake case is beheaded

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The lead investigator in the Falcon Lake murder case was beheaded last night. this is just more proof that thugs from the Religion of Peace (Islam) are training these Mexican gangs and cartels. Last week the mayor of a town in Mexico was stoned to death as well, but of course you are a racist if you dare to mention security at the border. There have also been several other beheadings as well the past few months.

Listen to me rocket scientists…stay out of Mexico. Even the wife of the man that was shot in the head while jet skiing 2 weeks ago admitted that they knew there was a risk entering this area of Falcon Lake due to pirates. They took a gamble and they lost.

Maybe it is time to bomb the border towns in Mexico where Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and the Mexican gangs are training and committing acts of terrorism? No, I have a better idea…sit at home and wet your pants while i look like the bad guy speaking the truth on how to fix this situation.   

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