Michael Savage: Adam Lanza was a Satanist

Steve Cooper


I have been saying that ALL of these mass murderers are Satanists that publicly pose as Atheists to go under the radar. It is more publicly acceptable to say that you are an Atheist than being a Satanist.

Saul Alinksy, the favorite communist of Obama and Hillary dedicated his book to Lucifer.



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8 thoughts on “Michael Savage: Adam Lanza was a Satanist”

  1. TY CONSMONS.. Since Savage comes on 3 hrs later now, it’s hard for me to catch the show. This clip reminds me why I’ve listened to savage all these years. Evocative …
    I can picture the skinny little scumbag in his basement laid surrounded by his comforting satanic environment . His mother was impressed and cowed by his nature. She was afraid of him I’m quite sure. If only she had confronted him oftener regarding his bizzare behaviour. Have some blow ups at home. Would have lessened the lure of the punk’s fantasies.
    How lucky so many would be if these atrocities were played out within his family. If only his mother OR ABSENT FATHER Would have picked up one of those guns and blown his despicable brains out

    1. When my brother hung a KISS poster in his room, our old man told him to take it down until Halloween. He had rifles in his closet and also carried a handgun under the seat of his truck to work every day because his shop was in a rough neighborhood. He dragged my brothers to the shop almost all of their summer vacation time…and Saturdays, too, when they gave him reason to think they’d spend the day getting in trouble. There’s no way any of us would have kept Satanic symbols or handled his guns because he would have killed us. (I doubt he would have literally killed any of us, although I suppose that had we pushed him hard enough…anything’s possible.) Was Dad too strict and controlling? Probably. Maybe. But none of his kids went to jail, came home knocked up, considered Satanism cool or screwed around with his guns. Okay, one or more of us may or may not have smoked some weed on the sly…I’m not tellin’…but fear of getting caught kept us from going ape shit with it and losing our minds…hypothetically speaking, of course.

      So, my point is that if his father had been around to stick a boot up his oh so “bright,” Satan-luvin’ ass once in a while, blowing Lanza’s brains out would probably not have been necessary. The worst that would have happened at Sandy Hook that Friday would have been the camo-wearing guy in the woods catching a whiff of the doob Lanza might have sneaked into the woods to smoke…with the friends he would have made and kept because boys wearing their dad’s boot up their asses need buddies to listen to them bitch about it. (The same goes for Holmes and most of their generation of males and their boot-free asses…and their sisters, too, but that’s another comment to be posted to a different topic.)

      1. These kids are being brainwashed to be anti-social thugs. This is the same mentality that the OWS mutants share. The mindset is to rebel against society and the capitalist establishment.

        1. Yeah. Maybe guys like my dad should be proud if they didn’t/don’t send their kids to college. Although, had my dad sent my brother to college (only one of the two of ’em as the other spent three years of high school majoring in the ninth grade) and he came home at break talking like Meat Head, the old man would have yanked him out of school so hard and fast that his libtardedest professor’s molars would have landed back home with him.

          Trade schools and community colleges look better all the time.

        2. You know, Steve, these college professors who are brainwashing these kids know which kids will be most receptive. These professors are predators and predators know who they’re prey are. They know which kids are loners, outcasts, most likely to find anarchy and even notoriety appealing. They know which ones have stable support systems at home, which young men have strong male role models at home and which ones are seeking, even if only subconsciously, a male role model or father figure for guidance.And there are so many of them nowadays that, if they keep dropping messages of anarchy, violence, and revolution on them, surely at least one is going to adopt the message as his own. (They prey on the young women, too, but for different purposes.)

          1. 100% correct. These professors are radicalizing the youth to be Marxist Revolutionaries to bring about change. They feed them poison that Capitalism will never bring social justice to the world or give them a job. Only Marxism will. The only God that will feed you is the Government.

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