Michael Savage Believes that Chris Christie Could Defeat Obama

Michael Savage Believes that Chris Christie Could Defeat Obama

Steve Cooper

1. Always trust Michael Savage’s instincts, because he is rarely wrong.

2. There is a lot of anti-Christie propaganda on the Internet that links him to Muslim leaders in New Jersey. I believe that this is all a campaign to discredit Christie among Conservatives.

For those of you that do not know: New Jersey is a very diverse state just like New York is. There are many Mosques and Muslim leaders that are influential. I am sure that these Muslim leaders donate mostly to the Democrat Party, but Christie has to be impartial and treat everyone equally as the Governor. It is not his job to discriminate based on a person’s religion. It is up to the FBI and Police to monitor anyone that is planning a terrorist act.

Just take a good look at how these left wing teachers are targeting Christie. Why is that? It is because Christie understands their bully tactics and agenda to bankrupt local economies with their greedy demands. Teachers deserve a comfortable living, but remember that they also get the entire summer off while you all are working. 

NJ was on the verge of collapse before Christie took over due to Corzine the radical leftist Obama supporter.

I defended Christie many times due to these smears about Muslims, because people need to understand also how politics works these days. It is not Christie’s job to prosecute or discriminate based on someones religious belief.

We need a tough talker like Chris Christie instead of RINO  wimps like Romney and McCain. Republicans are brainwashed to ‘not be aggressive’ and that is a losing strategy. NOW is the time to be aggressive and put these leftist bastards up against a wall, because they are getting way to cocky; thanks to their operatives embedded in the media.   



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