Michael Savage Discusses Poll: 53% Feel Rights Threatened By US Government

Steve Cooper

“People fear what Obama will do next” – Michael Savage


The words Communism and dictatorship have been erased from all of the media for a reason. The people will know what to call it when they are waiting on long food distribution lines.

The Government can only create so many jobs and Capitalism is being strangled to death daily by Obama and the puppet masters that are behind him. The economic collapse had nothing to do with Bush or Capitalism. It had to do with sabotage of Capitalism via Wall Street by some very powerful Nations and people to ensure that Obama was elected.

John McLame was going up in the polls when the people learned about Obama’s associations with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. The Elite backed by Marxist and Muslim Nations wanted to make sure that Obama, their man was elected. The 2008 economic collapse struck fear into people when the media spin blamed Bush for the wars and the economic collapse.

The American people are so easily manipulated by the media. Really, not too bright…


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