Michael Savage: “I’m voting for Romney, because I don’t like communists”

Steve Cooper

From the Michael Savage newsletter:

In today’s issue: Michael Savage told his listeners last night that while he’s not a Republican, it’s clear he has only once choice for the sake of the nation’s survival.

“I’m voting for Romney, because I don’t like communists,” he declared.

“I’ve studied the devastation of socialism and communism,” he explained. “I see the demagoguery of Obama that frightens me to my core. I know that David Axelrod, Obama’s brain, has been a lifetime, left-wing wobbly. Everyone around Obama scares me.”

Referring to the strange mystic who wielded extraordinary influence on Russia’s last tsarist regime, Savage said Obama is “a Rasputin of the American political landscape.”

“Obama is sort of like this magic genie that the left found, cultivated and put into the royal house,” he said. “He’s like a force that’s not for the good of the people.”


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3 thoughts on “Michael Savage: “I’m voting for Romney, because I don’t like communists””

  1. Thank Man for thanking God for our right to individual freedoms and liberty. Obama is a WEAK man and has finally proven that. He was a mesmerizing figure to so many and was swept into office because he was a “fresh face” with “new ideas”. Lemmings they were that voted him in. During a second term they’d be the first into re-education camps, with promises of “change”.
    Meanwhile, those of us who were not blinded by the man with many names and his B/S had to fight like hell to reveal Obama’s “True Color” which has naught to do with skin. One can speculate that Barack was being watched and groomed for a long time. Barry Soetero was too UNDER educated to have pulled this off himself.

    Thank you to the Conservativemonster.com for the perfect forum for discusion, analysis and thousands of intelligent fans who have all worked together to share what we new to be true. There were a couple times I thought we couldn’t do it!! We got knocked down more than once, didn’t we? Yes we did, but we stuck it out, We took the blows and insults, the slurs that we were RACIST, HATERS, HOMOPHOBES and more. Unable to even have a decent political conversation with some people in our lives whom we had trusted, who were our friends or even family.

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his PUPPET MASTERS did not succeed!!
    Now, let’s march toward Nov. 6th with a victorious cry of “FOUR MORE DAYS!!!”

  2. Relax Steve. I’m serious… all we can do now is nothing or walk the precincts and knock on doors. The popular vote does matter.
    A very close relative emailed and mentioned she wanted a pure white cat. I told her I have TWO pretty babies, fur color is light Siamese. I told her she could have either Romney or Ryan ! Was I asking for an insult?? NO I was not but later in the day I get a lovely email (she’s too &**Xx^# to do anything else) saying I could keep those and Romney and Ryan are two slime balls that would never get elected. Obama will win the election, you’re crazy if you think Romney is anything more than a rich, fake …… on and on. As you can see there are no facts here. The next few days ought to be fun! 🙂
    I’m goin’ with the straight facts these next few days. If they don’t listen I’ll just wax philosophic as I sometimes have a tendency to do. That frustrates the hell outta “Them”.

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