Michael Savage on Pan Leninism, China, Dictatorships, Liberals


By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Once again, Michael Savage saves the day….

I have said many times that we are seeing an International communist conspiracy in the works here and this is bigger than any one election can save. The Republicans are small potatoes in this struggle and they know it, but the Tea Party sheep do not, because it has never been written on Beck’s blackboard.

The economy and the military of the USA is being sabotaged to force us into a collapse and eventual world communist government without the need of a world war or nuclear war to do it. The problem is that our enemies will not let us off of the hook, because global depopulation needs to be installed for the new Marxist world government to work. There are simply too many people in the world for the elite to support and sustain. They just want the peasants and the very wealthy…that is it. There is no room for a middle class in this agenda, sorry.

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Lenin’s Dream is Within Reach

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