Michael Savage: Paladino is Cuomophobic; Not Homophobic

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Once again Michael Savage hits the nail on the head. Paladino only said that he is against gay marriage during a speech to Jewish Rabbi’s. Big deal, Obama is against gay marriage also, but you do not see the gay, left wing fanatics bashing him. Maybe some of these left wing reporters should go to that synagogue and ask the Rabbi’s what they think about gay marriage? They will never do that, because they do not want the truth out.

The NY media is just trying to smear Carl Paladino, because they are in bed with Andrew Cuomo and the Obama left wing agenda. Paladino is a smack in the face to their arrogant and elitist attitudes. Paladino worked hard his entire life, but little Andrew has had everything handed to him on a silver platter and he feels that he is ENTITLED to be governor. How many jobs has Andrew Cuomo created? How come Cumo refused to investigate how the ground Zero Mosque was getting their donations and where they were coming from? Why is that acceptable to the moron, left wingers that support him? 

Paladino stated that he is a Catholic that supports gay rights, BUTnot gay marriage. That is not good enough for the radical gays in thiscity? Too bad, stop pushing your hateful, anti-catholic agenda and get over it. He even said that his nephew is gay, so he understands how difficult it can be.   

The left wing crack pots immediately label anyone that is against gay marriage as Homophobic just because you do not agree with their radical gay agenda. Anyone that was against the Ground Zero Mosque was labeled as Islamophobic. So, do you see a pattern here? The American Left are the real haters of free speech and freedom of religion.

I have noticed that many of these radical left wingers are kids that were born into money and they want power. The average American has been dumbed down to understand what communism really is. The very wealthy support the Democrats, because they want to be part of the elite structure when we turn into a socialist state. They are not for the middle class; they are against the middle class.

Who else makes up the Democrat Party today? Labor Unions, Gays and stoned college kids that are being lied to by their Marxist professors. Lenin called people like this “useful idiots” for a reason, they are idiots that are being used to accomplish a goal, communism.

Many of these college kids will wake up when they have a Masters degree, but have no job. Then they will realize that it was all a lie. A KGB defector once stated that the useful idiots that realize they were lied to are the first ones to be lined up against a wall and shot to avoid them turning against the Marxist regime.

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