Michael Savage – Scientist-in-Chief Obama competing w/ Brain Expert Dr. Ben Carson?

Steve Cooper

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1 thought on “Michael Savage – Scientist-in-Chief Obama competing w/ Brain Expert Dr. Ben Carson?”

  1. Obama is an actor. He is a great mimic. Nothing about this muslim is real. Community organizer just means that he was able to float around in circles his entire life, lying about himself, his life, his credentials (or lack there of) and people bought it all.
    The people he landed up with are low life scum of the earth with money and power. They needed someone like him to carry out their plan. He fit the mold, as he is moldable.
    His entire life is a canard.
    His parents were roamers too. Obama was tossed around, a person without an Island.
    He has no attachement to anything American. His family members are devout communists.
    He has no loyalty. He is a volitile evil genius because he lies to get his way.He makes his shtick up as he goes along. As a tool for the left, he was left with no choice but to stick his nose in front of telepromters, otherwise, his slippery tongue might have proved who he really was, if left unchecked.
    Knowing all this, is it any wonder now why he needs to fill the shoes of someone like Dr. Carson. I find it hysterical to be honest.
    What is this big ZERO Obama doing being the President of the USA when we actually have braniacs like Dr. Carson (a conservative black man) among us, who is more than qualified to operate on the human brain while at the same time putting America back on her track.
    Carson is really good with a scalpal, so imagine how awesome he will be if he were President, he could neatly carve out the cancer of Obama, neatly carve out Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Holder, and all the other malignant tumors plaguing our great nation.
    Obama care won’t have a single letter left on the paper it’s written, because Carson is so capable, he could carve the letters off the paper while leaving the paper in tact.
    Obozo is a joke. Everywhere I go, the mere mention of his name, makes people cringe.

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