Mike Wallace Claimed Liberal Reporters Are Patriots Too

Mike Wallace Claimed Liberal Reporters Are Patriots Too

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

First, I want to say WHAT A DISGRACE this man was. Chris Wallace re-played an interview that he did with his father Mike Wallace from 2005 and I think he should have kept this footage buried.

Wallace said this during the interview:

“Your fair and balanced friends at fox news don’t understand” meaning that they don’t understand “liberal journalism”. Well, I understand liberal journalism real well and I know that it is their goal to be shills to advance a radical communist agenda in the USA and the world. This is why they downplay the dangerous enemies of the USA. This is why they solely attack the Republican Party, but they give Elitist Democrats like the Clinton’s, Obama, George Soros and Pelosi a free pass. 

Mike Wallace then said: “The people think that we are all wild eyed, Commies, Liberals”. Wallace “It is damn foolish (for Conservatives) to think of Liberal reporters as “Commies”.

Wow, getting defensive Mike? Why would we, THE PEOPLE think that you are a Communist? Maybe it is by the propaganda and lies that the media pushes to advance this Socialist agenda? Notice the words Communism and Socialism are rarely mentioned by Mike Wallace’s Liberal friends in the media? Why is that Mike? Because they want to dumb down the people so they don’t know what to call this tyranny when it is dropped onto their heads by Mike Wallace’s Elite friends. Here is a clip of the interview with Chris Wallace – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE6d5sJbAtw

Last week, Bill O’ Reilly (Shill O’ Lielly) had to chime in to show that he is accepted among the liberal Elite media. This video took place around 2005 also I think, when Wallace was shilling his book for sales. The bias by Mike Wallace against George Bush was disgusting during that interview. He totally discredited his entire career in that interview with his arrogance as he played the same Elitist propaganda card insinuating that Bush was ‘dumb’ and unprepared to be president. Here is the clip – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc5xH0iXFmA 

I will not BS and sugar coat this for my readers. I am not an owned puppet of the Elite like Mike Wallace was. This is not about the death of Mike Wallace, but about his assistance in advancing this Communist conspiracy that the entire world is facing.

I am curious why Mike Wallace didn’t do a 60 Minutes piece on how the Russians moved the WMD’s to Syria to help make Bush look dumb? I guess Wallace (and his liberal elitist buddies in the media) applauded that KGB Putin outsmarted George Bush?

The PEOPLE despise arrogant reporters like Wallace, NOT only because of their biased reporting, but for the way that they damaged the country and freedom by assisting a radical left wing agenda.  The Liberal media has aided Islamic terrorists on countless occasions. I would be here all day just on how they helped undermine the Vietnam and Iraq Wars with their biased reporting. Liberal, yellow journalists like Wallace put the lives of US Soldiers in danger with the way they portrayed these wars. 

I will not be silent or censored, because this man died. It has nothing to do with his biased reporting and the DAMAGE that him and his Communist friends did to freedom.


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