Mitt Romney Announces VP Pick Paul Ryan as ‘The Next President’

GOD help US….

Obama did this back in 2008 with Biden as well and that worked out real well…

11 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Announces VP Pick Paul Ryan as ‘The Next President’”

        1. These light weights are not what I had in mind, but I had a feeling the republicans were are going to give us john mccain 2. These clowns are afraid to even say the word socialist. if I don’t take them seriously you know the democrats don’t

          1. My sentiments exactly, it’s as Savage said the other night, Obama will wipe the floor with Romney in a debate and he will stand there and smile, it’s coming. Anything short of Allen West is a failure anyway, he is the only one only not afraid to say socialist but to point out each and every Communist. Also to add, there have been 113 more of our troops killed in Afghanistan since the death of my son and not one peep about Afghanistan from Romney. I guess he forgets that Obama was elected in 2008 not just for the economy itself but the Iraq war was a cornerstone of his win.

  1. I think you’re overlooking the part about Ryan wiping the floor with Biden in a debate. Ryan has already shown he can make Obama say, “Ummm…”

  2. This is the hand we have been dealt – no time for crying now. Now is the time to PRAY. God knows this is not an ideal ticket – but who among us thought we would get an “ideal” ticket? Not me. This is in God’s hands now.

    At least with R&R, there is hope. With Obama, there is NO HOPE.

    You may not be impressed with this ticket, but I guarantee you Obama is not pleased. He has his hands full with Ryan and don’t forget, Romney’s surrogates will be out in force, including Allen West. We could have done a lot worse.

    Having said this, I FULLY expect a false-flag event to occur before 1/20/13. Obama is a coward and a cheat. There is no way he is going to roll the dice on this and simply say “come what may”. Nope. Expect massive fraud and distraction. Don’t be surprised if now, after nearly four years of no such incidents and with a good chance he will be leaving the White House soon, Obama is suddenly the target of an assassination attempt. Of course THIS attempt will somehow be a bigger threat to national security than it was with any other president, thus requiring the declaration of Martial Law and postponement of the election. This scumbag is capable of ANYTHING.

    Food, Water and Ammo and not necessarily in that order!

    1. I agree Jim, there will be a false flag if the voter fraud fails. There are INTERNATIONAL forces at play here that have a global agenda and that agenda doesn’t include Republicans leading the Socialist ship. Sure, there are many RINO’s but that is because they know that every mortal enemy the USA has is supporting Obama.

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