Monster advice to Donald Trump: Hire a Surrogate

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Donald Trump needs to use the same tactics that the Marxists do and he has the money to accomplish it. Trump needs to hire someone through a 3rd party to push the Natural Born Citizen issue against Obama to prevent him from being on the 2012 ballot. This way he can keep the enemy in the media and BOTH parties off balance as he is slightly distanced from the issue.

Unfortunately, this might be Trump’s only option due to the massive assault coming against him from Fox News and the Republican Party. Trust me, I do not like to have to do this, but it is smart to use deception as a weapon just like our enemies do.

Donald Trump made many enemies the past month. Demanding that Obama produce a birth certificate will COST HIM. His TV show and casinos will suffer and that is proof that he was not part of this conspiracy.  Hollywood is already talking about boycotting his show next season. This will cost him money…

Trump has to discuss with his lawyers whether it
is worth it to push for clarification of the ‘natural born citizen’
definition by the Supreme Court. The Sup Court is avoiding this issue to
protect Barry. I think it would hurt Trump and he is needed to take on
China and Iran. I support what he says about them.

On New Years Eve, I predicted all out war against the eligibility movement in 2011 and it looks like I was correct. Expect the race card to be pushed heavily against US and Donald Trump (it has already started).

They will say “well, the president released his birth certificate. So, I guess it really is about his race”. 

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