Monster Mommy Day

Steve Cooper

Happy Mothers Day to all of the MONSTER Mommy’s. I really have been impressed by the number of women that have woken up to the dangers that the World is facing from this relentless onslaught of Marxism. Women are very much an important part of this fight against tyranny more than I have ever seen in the past.

Sure, many younger women tend to be liberal, until they have children of their own. Then they want to protect them and they want what is best for their future.

Wealthy people are ignorant to the danger that their children will be in when the next phase of Marxism falls into place. They believe that they can buy their way out of the next Holocaust or death camp? You have another thing coming, because your wealth will be taken from you and you will be left standing there naked with no protection. The wealthy are very arrogant and foolish, but they are blinded by their ego.

Anyway…let the politics go for today and ENJOY your Mother’s Day with your family.


Copyright 2009