MSNBC: Don’t Blame Darwin for the Colorado Shooting


I guess MSNBC is reading the Conservative



Was the Suspected Movie Theater Terrorist a Darwinist?
Psychological Profile of James Holmes: Educated, Unemployed Revolutionary


2 thoughts on “MSNBC: Don’t Blame Darwin for the Colorado Shooting”

  1. As a phd student in neuroscience he has the knowledge and probably the curiosity to experiment with psychedelic drugs such as ketamine and LSD. The college drug culture now is so heavily influenced by these drugs. Neighbors report changes in appearance and weight. I hope they test him for ketamine and other such drugs. Kids think these drugs enlighten them and enable them to awaken areas of their brain that we simply don’t use. Spend enough time in their fantasy land they start loosing their conscience and become very egocentric. The believe they are the only ones who know the “truth” or believe they are god like. Drastic personality changes can occur. They also become totally paranoid. These drugs are becoming more and more popular and kids are experimenting with their own cocktails of chemicals and drugs. I bet this kid went off the deepend while using these types of drugs and had no friends around to keep him in check when he couldn’t be pulled out of his fantasy land. It’s very scary. I bet he was using ketamine amongst other things….and has probably been on a binge for weeks.

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