My Brief Encounter with an Obama Voter

An Obamabot relative of mine mentioned that his company is forcing all of their employees to join a gym (the company will pay the bill) or their insurance rates will go up.

I told him:

“This is because of Obama care and Healthcare will eventually be rationed.” I also told him that “soon they will punish people if they are slightly overweight or a smoker. This is about individual freedoms and that the Government will OWN your body since they are footing the bill now”.


This is why Bloomberg is trying to already control what people drink or eat. The elite already are showing their cards that they own us since they are footing the bills.

He immediately wanted to change the subject, because he knew that the word “communist” was coming next.

His final words were “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

I never got a chance to tell him that ROME FELL…..