My Obama Re-election Prediction Has Materialized

Steve Cooper

I wrote this article BEFORE the end results were given. That was how sure I was of the final result….

I predicted 18 months ago that Romney would be the nominee and Obama would beat him in a close race by massive voter fraud. Once again, I was right and the experts were wrong.

I laughed when people told me about how Dick Morris and all of these other blabber mouths said Romney would win. They would tell us about this poll and that poll that he analyzed and then he would compare it to elections from 100 years ago. Yeah okay….

Obama’s failures are no secret and he was very unpopular. There is NO WAY that he won this election fair and square… – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

33 thoughts on “My Obama Re-election Prediction Has Materialized”

    1. I think it’s time for me to shut down this old laptop for good, stop paying attention and stop giving a damn. It doesn’t matter how informed or clueless I am. I can not affect positive change. Impending doom is worse than doom itself. Why waste another minute knowing bad things are coming my way when I can do abso-fucking-lutely nothing to stop, slow or lessen them?

      Is it too far into the season for me to catch up on and get caught up in American Idol and Dancing with the Stars? What’s the latest news on Kim Kardashian? Is Lady Gaga better at being Madonna than Madonna ever was?

      1. I think you can. You TAKE WHAT THE BASTARD is giving and drain the f’n admin dry. We can use what we know and do what we have to do because we have anger …. now lets use it. Here’s one for ya, get a job working under the table. There aer so many ways to take advantage. DON’T give up till you BREAK THIS SYSTEM DOWN from the inside. That’s what we do.

        1. Breaking the system down from the inside is their goal. Cloward-Piven and all that “community organizer” shit…nothing but fancy terms used so as not to call it what it really is: tactic used by Commies to destroy capitalistic govt’s last holdout: America. Except for the working under the table part, tht is, because they see every penny in the world and every worker in the world as theirs. I just don’t see how helping them hurts them. But, and I say and mean this in all sincerity, if lying to them and cheating them, just as they’ve lied to you and cheated you as they plot and plan more lies to tell you and ways to cheat you, makes you feel better or just not feel so shitty and used, then do it. Far be it from me to stop anyone from sticking it to the fucking Commies any way they can. Whatever you do, you can’t possibly make things any worse than they have and will.

          1. TY for your thoughtful reply to me. I awoke with such a feeling of dread untill I remembered I will be making choices now that are based on THEIR choices. I can’t explain it more but to say I’ve lived on both sides of the fence and if I have to go back to the other side I will. As it is now, my life could use a hell of a lot of ‘change’. Maybe this will be what moves me to change it. CHANGE IS HARD. That’s why the LEMMINGS didn’t elect Romney. They’d rather blindly follow the leader.
            All I want to do is display to these dumbells what they’ve wrought by my own personal decisions. My friends and family have a personal grudge against me for my politics. They’re all nothing but a bunch of sheltered lems.

        2. In response to your comment of Nov 7 @ 11:55am:

          “My friends and family have a personal grudge against me for my politics.”

          Oh, yes. I recall some of your comments about your leftist family and friends. Well, i vaguely recall them, that is, except for the one about your friend saying she’d back out of a pet adoption if she learned the kitties had been named Romney and Ryan, or something like that. As if answering to Romney and Ryan (or even Hitler and Mussolini) would make them any less kitten-adorable. As if she couldn’t rename her adoptive kitty. (My Sassy-cat had been Tasha at the shelter. She didn’t care that I’d renamed her; she was happy to have a home – so happy, in fact, that she let me live there in her home, too. LOL!) BS like that is the reason for the coinage of the word “libtarded.”

          I guess I’m fortunate that my family members lean conservative. Even my gay brother is conservative among ‘mos. And I don’t befriend libturds, not even Texas libturds, who look like conservatives when compared to west coast and New England libturds. I can’t hang with libturds and couldn’t if I wanted to. I have a low tolerance for bullshit and I don’t suffer fools well. It wouldn’t end well at all.

          1. Quite a story Aunti..
            I don’t want to talk about myself all the time but in order to help ANYONE I will say to never feel bad for being different. I may be a lot of things but I’m not so crude as to insult and judge the people I love. I know why they do it. It’s to keep EVERYONE THE SAME ALL THE TIME. What the hell is up with that?
            Anyway, glad to hear you have a supportive family and conservative at that! We need more like you! There are a couple good groups I’ve just joined. I’ll drop a link here later. 🙂

  1. I wanted you to be wrong on this ONE Call fucking disgusted ..devistated…cried ..sceamed…replaying so many things in my head ‘ I will have more flexibility after the elections’ .. I am pissed …hate all who support this traitor pos …

    1. We have to take advantage now, girl. Take everything you can. Be friends with these FOOLS because we will watch the shit hit the fan and blow al over THEM. They’re in a bell jar. We are not

  2. All that crap I said to my FB friends was BS. Hold your head up , be philosophical, et al. NO. We will watch with our fists clenched and wait for the other shoe to drop. Now I see why I sprained my ankle today. I need that pain right now. It’s taking my mind off everything else. I’m goin’ now to cull my fb friend list. Only want my long time good friends. Small club.
    I love you guys. Thanks for bein’ my friends the past four years, it helped a lot.
    Good night <3

  3. Divorce Now, there is no other solution. we must avoid the total death of Liberty.
    We can no longer “escape history”. America is finished. we cannot undo this damage.

    ya’ wanna go down the toilet with the Union of Socialist States of Amerika?
    All Hail the FREE STATES of AMERICA- “a New Birth of Freedom”

    1. YOU’RE RIGHT GHOST. Take what you can before they take it for themselves. Look after #1, cuz no one else will. THEIR president has not kept his sworn oath to the American people and they don’t even know it.

  4. yes my friends… the stupid have voted again.. people are going to leave this country in droves now.. they raise taxes and the people will leave. very simple formula… like raising tobacco prices so nobody will smoke… the country is just plain stupid… my biggest fear is amnesty for illegals and what it will do the job market which has remained stagnant for 6 years already… if only romney was a real conservative he would have won… i think he is just another rino.. ovomit will surely become your dictator.. he is a communist for sure….

    1. Agreed. If only Romney were a real conservative. The leaving part, yeah prbably big business and all will leave while the rest of us are pushed to the coast to await the next tsunami. I would never abandon America. Y’know, the Japanese are buying up LOTS of properties in the Philippines, including some of it in MY family. My in-laws say they want to sell it because their homeland is so ‘different’ now. Not the same people and such anymore. I’m very disappointed with them. I AM GOING BACK to where I belong, where I had to leave a long long time ago due to the RIFF RAFF that moved in, driving up cost of living and making pets #1 over “kids”, as they call them. I’d never desert the place I was born and raised! Never!

  5. Approximately six months ago I told every one of my readers that questioned my prediction about ‘Obama winning via voter fraud’ this:

    “I will take down my website, The Conservative Monster if I am wrong about my prediction and Obama loses the 2012 Election regardless of who his Republican opponent will be. That is how positive I am about my prediction. Victory is what you get when you mix a brainwashed population with voter fraud”.

    Once again, I was right and the experts were wrong, because they didn’t factor in VOTER FRAUD. – Steve Cooper

  6. yes my friend you are very reliable.. i stopped forwarding emails about 2 weeks ago because i know how right you really are… the libshitz are ruthless criminals and will stop at nothing.. well a year from now i will be in coastal alabama fishing all day …. i have to stop sharing my passions for a while to let all the bad things coming to all the stupid voters who have not one clue what they just did to their children … unfortunately these idiots won’t realize this until it is time for a nursing home…

    1. Hi Roger . I’ve enjoyed reading your letters to the monster. I understand how you feel!! there will be better days to come. DARKNESS ALWAYS COMES BEFORE THE DAWN.

      1. i have been a fan of the monster for years and i am off farcebook for years too… time to march… lock and load… gather weapons and ammo … and be prepared to defend yourselves…

  7. Steve my friend, you saw the communist take over of America decades ago. You indeed called this election. My sister in law and her husband looking to move to Australia. I told her their in the same boat as we are, there a socialist country with a muslim problem. No where to run.

  8. none of us well. Patriots didn’t want to wake up feeling like this this morning ..I dreaded this feeling for yearsit’s so many others I have a long day ahead of me that I don’t know how I’m going to get through itI’m going through fits of anger in tearsjust plain pissed off
    I can’t believe I myself have so many family and friends that helped along with the. Voter fraud elect this piece of shit Marxist
    I live in 1 of the stupidest states in the Union Washington State will never get it rightvoters even approve same sex marriage my God. ..
    last night I was so angrywhen Ohio was called some neighbors blew loud fireworks in jubilation it pissed me off for 2 reasons scared the crap out of freaky dog it just reminded me I live around idiot neighborsthey wouldn’t stop and I like the visual eyes in my head was shooting a shotgun in there directions not good:(I’m pissed it scares me I don’t know where this angers going to go anger takes so much energy and I really wanted part of this to go away today
    lots of typos I’m using speak to text
    I’ve been reading you in following you for a long time coop
    please always know how much I appreciate and I really truly love you take care xo krissi and zoo

  9. STEEL YOURSELF Kristi. don’t fold , spit in their faces. I wish you well in your life. I hope you’re okay. If there’s ever something going on you need to talk about, pls. email or pm me. 🙂

  10. I HAVE TO GO WORK FOR THE OLD BAT LADY NOW. She’ll have to take care of me though, due to my sprained ankle.! Good thing I drive anautomatic. No wi fi there and she couldn’t care less, eventhough she uses her computer every day. My only solace from her is that she is a staunch republican and HATES the fraud and his policies as much as I do. She may be a bitch but she ain’t stupid
    Bye for now all. Keep your chins UP


    No matter how perfect we may think we are, we cannot save ourselves.
    There is no messiah among us as human beings, there’s only one Messiah and his name is Jesus Christ and every single one of us is in need of him and it is in humility that we must acknolwedge that in our lives. That we must be repentent of our sins. It is in that action that we open ourselves up and make ourselves available for this tender love and mercy of God who seeks after us then , as that one sheep who is lost and when found, all of heaven rejoices. This is the way God knows us, that heaven rejoices in our response to the lord when we ask for his forgiveness and his mercy. — We have been humbled and must acknowledge that to God. —

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