My ‘Obamacare Dare’ for Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Lenin, once said “The goal of Socialism is Communism”.

I dare Rand Paul and Ted Cruz to explain to the American people about how Obamacare will lead the US down the slippery, Socialist slope. They are only ALLOWED to use the words ‘Big Government’, because the censorship of Communism is already here.

I like Ted Cruz way more than Rand Paul, but maybe it is due to his closet Leftist father Ron. If they want to prove me wrong…they have to speak about the Communist threat coming from a smashed economy and Obamacare.

I am willing to bet that they won’t, because the topics of Socialism and Communism are not allowed to be spoken publicly. They are really ‘controlled opposition’. Notice that Obama, Reid and Pelosi are allowed to label the Tea Party as Anarchists on the record, but nobody is allowed to bring up the Democrat Marxist Utopian agenda. This means that tyranny is already here. There is a false freedom right now. You can rant all you want on your Facebook Page, because it will never see the daylight of ‘controlled’ mainstream media. That is what they really don’t want.

The goal is to have the American people blindsided when it does come. Communism will be disguised as the new ‘Great Depression’.

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