My Speech from the Pro 2nd Amendment Rally in Upstate NY

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This is a copy of a speech that I wrote for a PRO 2nd Amendment rally. I was unable to attend, but a Conservative Monster fan read it for me to the audience. He said that the speech was “well received”.

I was honored to be asked for my input and HERE IT IS:


Thank you for allowing me to say a few words; I will be brief.


My name is Steve Cooper, I am a retired Police Officer and the founder of The Conservative website.


The Democrat gun ban agenda goes way back before Sandy Hook. These shameless politicians and Hollywood Elitists have no problem exploiting the young children that were gunned down in cold blood by a deranged killer.


Numerous times, I have seen deranged and dangerous people roam around the streets when I was a police officer due to the radicals that would rather protect their civil liberties than the SAFETY of law abiding citizens.


Police officers are seriously injured daily while trying to restrain these emotionally disturbed persons that society protects, because we try to use the minimum amount of force. This has left countless police officers permanently disabled and I am one of those statistics.


In September 2005, my shoulder was permanently disabled during an incident with a 350 lb emotionally disturbed man that I tried to restrain using the minimum amount of force.


These liberal rules of engagement kill and seriously injure police officers daily, but the media never reports it.


Clearly, the gun regulations that were thrown together over night by Gov Cuomo were political and reckless without consideration that law abiding citizens will have their freedoms suppressed. The reports of GUN CONFISCATION that were suggested were quite disturbing.


Let’s be honest. The 2nd Amendment has been non existent in NYC for a long time. NRA President La Pierre was correct when he said that only baseball players and other Elitists have the luxury of getting a gun carry permit in NYC.


That means these strict gun laws are making criminals out of law abiding citizens that wish to defend themselves and their families in the streets of NY.


Gun control polls have dropped, because the people have realized that the Democrats were exploiting tragedy for political gain once again. The Democrats voted for the Iraq war and then they undermined the troops once their boots were on the ground and exploited the death of US Soldiers the same way that they exploited the dead children of Sandy Hook.


Clearly, Leftists are the real extremists in the gun control issue.


They say that they don’t want to ban guns, but …they can’t be trusted. This agenda has way too many powerful fingerprints on it and it is their goal to disarm the middle class.


• North Korea is threatening to nuke the USA as the Democrats seek to disarm you. Something smells here and it doesn’t take a history degree to figure this one out.


Democrats don’t ban guns…Communists do. At least now we know who we are dealing with.


You can’t defeat communism if you are afraid to SAY THE WORD.


THANK YOU and God Bless you ALL…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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10 thoughts on “My Speech from the Pro 2nd Amendment Rally in Upstate NY”

  1. You can’t defeat communism if you are afraid to SAY THE WORD. This line should be told and drilled into every student’s brain, as not only are most of them afraid to say it……..most schools wont allow it. I learned the hard way, that they are brainwashing the youth of America. We need a lot more Steve’s out there to wake people up. I would have loved to hear you speak, as the truth needs to be told. i applaud what you wrote and that you got the word out the best you could.

  2. BRAVO Steve Cooper, you went where most men are afraid to go!!! Imagine an America where most men were like Steve Cooper, communists would fear treading on her.

  3. Steve…I turned the video footage over to NYR”s Billy Martin last nite for edit and post….we should have it soon….by the way, Jody did a great job with it!!!!

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