Mysterious Missile Launched off the Coast of California an ICBM Test Launch?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

UPDATE ***************

The Pentagon is still playing stupid (effortlessly I may add) as far as this missile is concerned.They are denying it was a missile, but anyone with half a brain can see that is a lie. I was telling my father that we are very close to war literally the same time that this missile was launched, but it was not reported until the next morning on the East Coast. 

Here are some interesting details…

NOT one person in the media, (Michael Savage included) has mentioned
that the Russians launched an ICBM on Nov. 1st, 2010. Notice how China’s
2007 submarine incident was brought up, but not the fact that the
Russians have tested over 13 ICBM launches?

It is also interesting that this missile launch happened while Obama was out of the country and a day after Russia and China both voiced their outrage at the FED for printing more money. We are not fighting a barefoot Muslim in a cave folks. WE are fighting proxies of Russia and China via Iran.

If this missile was launched by a Russian or Chinese submarine, expect major terrorism and war very soon. It is long overdue…

1. This missile was fired from a Russian or Chinese submarine


2. This was fired by the US Navy and it was a message to Russia and China

Russia test fired an ICBM on Nov. 1st….


The average moron has no clue how close we are to a world war. I have been saying this for the past 6-7 years and people still look at me like I am crazy. Well sheep, that is going to change very soon.

This missile was fired for a reason and I agree with the expert that they interviewed. This was no wimp missile; this was an ICBM and it was launched to send a message to Russia and China. Still think that we are just fighting a bare foot Muslim in a cave? Of course you do, because that is what the media and the U.S. Government wants you to think.

It is time to speak the truth about our enemies in Moscow and Beijing. Better yet, it might be time to hit them with a surprise nuclear attack before they hit us. Communism is dead? SURE…okay.

I wonder if Russia will have a response to this? They have been test firing their own ICBM’s steadily since about 2005 if I remember correctly.  Stop listening to these Libertarian idiots, because the next attack will not be false flag. It will most likely be a Russian attack, but Islam will take the blame. The Libertarian 9/11 truther loons are propagandists for the enemy…

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