NBC Poll: Public Blames Parents, Hollywood Over Guns for Violence

Steve Cooper


This NBC poll blames Hollywood and parents for the gun violence? How could that be? You would never think parents would be to blame if you watched the Government media.

I don’t recall Obama, Biden, Cuomo or Emanuel blaming parents for the Chicago massacres that happen daily. They want to manufacture an imaginary enemy like the NRA that is just an organization that represents GUN OWNERS.

I DON’T blame Hollywood, because I have been watching action movies my whole life and I have never committed a mass shooting. I blame the brainwashing of these kids to be anti-social revolutionaries or thugs. Parents and Liberal Academia are to blame for this…

Liberal Academia is brainwashing these kids to embrace Socialism and Revolutionaries like Che Guevara.




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7 thoughts on “NBC Poll: Public Blames Parents, Hollywood Over Guns for Violence”

  1. My comment to a friend on Facebook –

    Liberal academia is a big problem too. A teacher that I know went ballistic when I said this, but it is the truth. These kids embrace Socialism and Socialists like Che Guevara. That is why they are mass shooting people. They are Revolutionaries. The average brainwashed dope doesn’t even know what a Revolutionary is…that is the problem.

  2. Children today are so barren of a higher power. They have no God conscience. They have no religion. Even if or when their parents send them to religious studies, it’s all an act. It’s just another thing they feel they have to sign their kids up for. I teach religion, kids are so empty today. I mean they learn almost NOTHING from home.

    Growing up, religion was SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS is what my older siblings would say.
    I didn’t enjoy the repetition either. Church on Sunday was a drag. As I got older, I enjoyed it though. I enjoyed CCD and finding my own way through my religion. I grew closer to my faith by deciding to be on my own terms with the Lord. Having said that, it was the God conscience that always helped me with my faith walk in life.

    Kids today aren’t given even so much as a shred of that from home, for the most part. I have a few kids in my class whose parents are pretty good at sharing this with them, but the rest?… good luck.

    I’ve been teaching CCD for about 20 years now. So basically nothing has really changed, and actually the steady decline of religious instruction from home has escalated.

    My point is that kids are not taught right from wrong with a strong emphasis on remorse, apologies, forgiveness, telling the truth, following the ten commandments, learning a lesson, love thy neighbor as thyself, do unto others. In fact, correcting a child today (if you’re not their parent) is pretty risky business. Kids today are such wimpy cry babies, unlike yesteryear.You have to watch out for their tender feelings and be more tolerant. When I was growing up, forget about getting just a good talking to, kids were dealt with by using corporal punishment, especially the nuns from what my own husband tells me.

    He laughs about it, he claims he deserved what he got. He said he and his buddies were little terrors.
    What has happened to our society is an all out assault on strong family values, religious values and a God conscience. If it feels good, do it. To heck with consequences! It’s all about “moral relativism” and where right is wrong and wrong is right and even rewarded.

    Every cry baby gets a trophy, everyone must be politically correct, there are no standards, no accountability, and everyone should be able to agree to disagree, even when one side is 100% wrong! Hence a nation of confused, mixed up, cry baby, pansy asses!

    1. I’m not a parent, so some people will say that my thoughts on the topic aren’t valid. They’re probably right to some extent. On the other hand, however, my observations may be more objective because I have no kids. And what I’ve seen jibes with what you’ve written here about kids being crybabies.

      Honey Badger and I have talked about how the old school ways and rules regarding boys and fighting are gone. Boys used to fight – fist fight – and they went into it knowing they might get beat up. And when that happened, they’d go home, tail tucked between their legs, to lick their wounds and that was that. It was over. Many times, the victor would extend the olive leaf and, before they knew it, victor and loser of the fight would be buddies, sometimes even best friends. We’ve even theorized that bullying, which always existed, has become so rampant (if it is rampant and bullying, as a huge problem, isn’t a media product) because boys don’t just fight it out and be done with it anymore. Worse, when they do fight it out nowadays, many times the loser returns with a weapon in his hand and vengeance in his heart because he’s a crybaby who doesn’t know how to suck it up, accept defeat, and put it behind him.

      I could go on and on but, instead, I’ll leave you with this. I’ve been waking up early lately to watch the tv show Lassie. (Yeah, go ahead and laugh at me. I don’t care. I like Lassie and Timmie, too.) Friday morning, I saw Timmie get a spanking from his dad, with a belt!, for disobeying his mother. Okay, I didn’t actually see the belt come down on him. What I saw was a close up of Timmie’s unhappy face as he was bent over his bed, weight supported on his elbows and arms, and gritting his teeth a little as he braced himself for the next lick. Then, the shot was panned out to show his dad standing behind him, belt in hand, telling Timmie it was over and reminding him (or repeating to him) why he was being punished (disobeying his mother).

      I was initially stunned by that scene,suffering a moment of major culture shock, no doubt. Then I remembered that disciplining kids is what good parents used to do, that discipline included corporal punishment, and that it was Dad’s job to spank or whip boys (aka putting a boot in their ass) once they reached a certain age or stage in their young lives. (Conversely, my dad stopped spanking me at about six or seven years of age because, according to him, it’s inappropriate and wrong for men to put to their hands on their daughters or to have their daughters bent over in front of them from that age on. He broke this rule of his twice, once when I was nine and again at 12, because I’d scared the crap out of him by not coming straight home from school, leaving him to worry for a couple of hours as I dragged ass home.)

      Oh, and in case anyone wonders about him, Timmie sucked it up and took his whipping like a “fella” of 9-1/2 years of age and not like a little boy. He explained to his dad that he knew he’d be punished when he disobeyed his mother but that he had to do what mom told him not to do or forever be labeled a sissy by the other boys. To paraphrase John Wayne, Timmie had faced one of those “a fella’s gotta’ do what a fella’s gotta do” moments, made his decision and then suffered the consequences like a “fella” and not like a crybaby.

  3. I do blame the parents to a degree. The kids today watch way too much TV. An average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV by the age of 18. This must have an effect on the kids. The parents need to turn the TV off it is just that simple.

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