NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrates Cross Dressing

It takes a lot to shock me since I was a police officer in the past. I have seen it all, but to put this garbage on while children are watching is very despicable.

The average liberal mind is diseased, evil and very sick. I don’t care what you do in your private life or if you sleep with a damn goat. Stop pushing your mental tendencies onto the rest of us.  


2 thoughts on “NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrates Cross Dressing”

  1. That’s exactly how i feel Steve. I live in MA and in my state, boys can go into the girl’s bathrooms at schools if they “feel” like a girl. And if the other girls feel upset or indimidated, they will be immediately shipped off for ‘reeducation” at the principal’s office. The world has gone insane.

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