Neal Boortz Tweets suspicion that Obama might have lied about his Eligibility TOO

Neal Boortz

Steve Cooper


Even Obama’s ‘Literary Agent’ was a BIRTHER

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4 thoughts on “Neal Boortz Tweets suspicion that Obama might have lied about his Eligibility TOO”

  1. This post is ERUPTING…VIRAL. Many people are now realizing that the Birthers were RIGHT and that they were smeared by journalists that lied to protect their careers.

  2. Good Morning, Neal.

    normally I’d leave it at that, but this bastard deserves more ridicule. He’s a LAWYER! He’s always known more than he let on to his radio audience. As such, he is an accessory to a Constitutional Crime.

    Believe This:
    Boortz was always merciless in his contempt for Constitutionalists on this Supreme issue.
    he fancies himself a Libertarian which means he has no moral center.
    all he’s done is put himself on top of the list for Scorn when this unbearable truth finally reveals itself (with God’s help?) he wants to escape that fate but I won’t let him.
    I will call out this bastard as well as Levin (another lawyer) who always knew the truth, but could not see their way to aid Patriots when we needed it most.

    All we’ve ever needed is one Heavyweight to push this. Some tried, like Trump, and we all love Sheriff Joe but he’s a local Sheriff. A National Microphone pounding away would have been invaluable. when the Call of Duty rang for Neal Boortz he chose the comfortable life.

    History will remember who answered the Call of Distress- like WND, Corsi, Apuzzo and Kerchner. Boortz will always be a mere opportunist, a hack, a poser, a sham artist.
    he’s retired from daily radio but watch him, he won’t be able to stay away- he’s pure ego.

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