Never Trust a Terrorist

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I find it very interesting that Muslim terrorists have turned their back on their brother Libyan leader Qaddafi. What caused this? Did he forget to pay his dues last month?

They betrayed him, because the goal is to create as much chaos as possible in the Muslim world and it was time to go, brother in terror or not. He is an obstacle to uniting the Muslim world as ONE against the USA and Israel. The Marxists repeat over and over the words “No Borders” for a reason.

If these bloody terrorists want to get rid of a maniac like Qaddafi, just imagine the terror that they have in store for the world.

50 countries from around the world ordered pizzas to be sent to the left wing radicals protesting in Wisconsin, because once again this proves the Muslim/Marxist link that I have been stating for many years. Click here for MORE

You are witnessing a global Marxist and Muslim revolution. They have joined forces and that is why I keep stating that this is bigger than the Tea Party people think it is. This is bigger than any election or a protest. These left wing and Muslim fanatics are being fueled by hate and the destruction of CAPITALISM. 

The Media Still Hiding the Communist Tone of the Wisconsin Protests

Imagine this – Obama granting political asylum to millions of Muslims fleeing Egypt and Libya? …OH BOY
The Global Revolution Puzzle

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