New Birther War Starting to Silence the Conspiracy That Won’t Die

New Birther War Starting to Silence the Conspiracy That Won’t Die

Steve Cooper

Yesterday, I was bashing Dana L. and Eric E. on Twitter (I believe they are CNN lackey’s) for their attacks on the Birther movement. Like it is our fault that Obama’s literary agent wrote that he was born in Kenya back in 1991. Why are they upset? They are upset, because these GOP shills have worked hard to discredit the Birthers, but discrediting themselves is what they really did. I also bashed Jake Tapper

Where is that jerk Bill O’Reilly now? He swore to his audience that his ‘crack staff’ checked into the Birther Issue, because he is “looking out for YOU”. He is full of crap.

The conspiracy won’t die, because the people know the media is Government controlled script readers and LIARS. I know this first hand, because I talk to the people. I see what they are writing about the Birther Issue and they are tired of Republican journalists aiding in the cover up of multiple felonies committed by BOTH PARTIES it seems.

The LEFT WING BLOGS praised Glenn Beck for his assistance in squashing the Birther movement back in early 2010.  Nobody did more damage to the Birther movement than Beck and Bill O’.

This is not a conspiracy theory at this point, but a real conspiracy…..

– Steve Cooper

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