New Communist Leader Elected in Greece Hails Warren Buffet

New Communist Leader Elected in Greece Hails Warren Buffet

Steve Cooper

Why are Communists backing Warren Buffet?

A few million dollars is nothing to these billionaires, but a few thousand dollars to the average hard working middle class family means a lot. Do you really believe that Michael Moore, Bill Maher and Warren Buffet want to share their wealth with you? No, they want more POWER. That is their real goal.

The super wealthy back the Democrats, not the Republicans for a reason. They have the American people brainwashed to believe that they seek to help and build up the middle class, but they really want to shatter it.

Seeking amnesty for 25 million illegal aliens is going to help the middle class? How? Please explain this to me. The Communists use talking points like racism to scare people away from the immigration issue, but they fail to mention that not only Mexicans are flooding across the Mexican border. There are many illegal white Europeans and Muslim terrorists with Iranian roots flooding across the Mexican border as well.

There were also reports that Arab ‘Spanish speaking’ terrorists are sneaking across the Mexican border with forged Venezuelan passports. Chinese, Iranian and Russian Intelligence operatives have also been caught crossing into the USA from the Mexican border, but of course this is never mentioned by the leftists.

Warren Buffet stressed “shared sacrifice”? The elite want your children to be slaves via massive debt and a devalued currency as they are flying around in private jets. You will be sacrificing your freedoms when you can’t afford to live comfortable anymore due to expensive energy prices and inflation.        

This is an international communist conspiracy, but the people are brainwashed NOT to see it.


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