New poll shows Obama leads Romney in swing states

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9 thoughts on “New poll shows Obama leads Romney in swing states”

    1. I try to tell people. Win or lose, he is staying, because some very powerful people want him to stay there. They do not want any Republican sitting in that White House ever again. This is why the Republicans are afraid to utter words like socialist or mention the countless times that Democrats have sided with the enemy since 9/11 (way before 9/11 as well). The Democrat Party is the party of treason.

      1. The time to get rid of him was in November of 2008, congrats America you have your first dictator, you just don’t have the sense to know it yet. Sheeple you needed to stay on your feet at all times and not have allowed a silver tongued devil to catch you off guard. The commies did not come this far to let it all go now over a “silly” election, oh no and people have no clue what they are about to get, but they will soon.

          1. It’s the ray of sunshine attitude that got us Obama, it is now time to get real, we are being destroyed from within and sunshine is not going to save us.

          2. A reader called me pessimistic the other day. I am not pessimistic. I just know that the enemy believes now is the time to strike capitalism that one final death blow. Things are going to get nasty.

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