Newt: Fire the janitors, hire kids to clean schools

Steve Cooper

The Conservative

Newt wants to fire janitors now? This is not creating jobs by firing people that are working to support their families. This is the problem I have with Newt. He is a great intellectual one day and a dummy the next. Janitors are not destroying the economy, but the greedy, power hungry bastards in Washington are. Notice Newt doesn’t mention the massive pensions that your Senators and Congressmen get? Not to mention their perks and insider trading?

The Republicans want to destroy the middle class the same way that the Democrats do. This agenda is bi-partisan, I can promise you that. Just take a look at what BOTH the Democrats and Republicans have done to try and stop the massive illegal invasion of aliens at the border? NOTHING. Why? Cheap labor…….

Newt was pushed by the MSM to bring Cain further down out of the radar. It has worked. This is how they do it, Cain was the man until the scandal hit and it was used to weaken him. Then Newt was used to make him irrelevant.

This shows the arrogance and elitist attitude of Newt Gingrich. To crush a families world by firing someone just because you don’t like that they earn a living? AGAIN, none of these politicians are for the people in either party and this is just another example.

The Democrats repeat the mantra “middle class” over and over to pretend like they support it, but they do nothing to stop the illegal alien invasion that has shattered the middle class construction industry into pieces.

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