Norquist: $3 Trillion tax hike surprise coming to the middle class from Dems

Steve Cooper


Courtesy of DRUDGE
Grover Norquist claims that the Democrats will drop this planned bomb onto the middle class ($3 Trillion tax hike) and then blame the Republicans for it.

This supports my prediction that I made several weeks ago on The Conservative Monster stating that the Dems are setting up John Boehner and Congress for another staged crisis.

Did you really believe the wealthy Elitists that supported Obama wanted to boost the middle class? Many Democrats do believe that Obama and Pelosi are for the middle class, because they are clueless fools that have been dumbed down on what Socialism really is. Their wake up call is several months away.

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7 thoughts on “Norquist: $3 Trillion tax hike surprise coming to the middle class from Dems”

  1. Obama’s speech about Syria’s use of chemical weapons is part of a plan to stage a war with the Russians. The staged economic collapse & war that I predicted is coming very soon. Capitalism, the Republicans and Israel will be blamed once again. – Steve Cooper

  2. If I get this right, the elitists that supported Obama want to boost taxes on the middle class and then blame the Republicans. Assume this is true, then why are the Democrats for increasing the ‘death tax’ to its old rate and the Republicans fighting to the death to remove it? Elimination of the ‘death tax’ only htlps to those who have, or will receive, millions and not to a single middle class person.

    1. Good question and the answer is: Many ‘wealthy’ useful idiots are going to get burnt and I will laugh out loud on that day. Many others like Jay Z and Bill Maher will be untouched, because of their ‘contributions’.

    2. Perhaps talk of increasing the death tax is just political theater, with Demonrats having no real intentions of ever following through with it. It may even be “tossed out” as a “compromise” during “negotiations” with House Republicans (read: Boehner and the few he’s allowed to attend discussions with Kenya Boy), long ago planned and agreed upon by both sides, of course. (I’ve grown to distrust Boehner completely. It doesn’t show, does it? /sarc)

  3. My brother just left the Phillippines, after 5 years, he said too hostil to Americans. He works overseas as a Chemical Engineer.

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