North Korean Propaganda Video: “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It”

Conservative News Update:


The propaganda from this North Korean Communist video sounds like the talking points Liberals & Libertarians repeat all day long on the Internet. Liberals & Libertarians would call it ‘anti-Fascism’, but that is used as a cover. Even the video description states “North Korea is one of the few places that the Banksters haven’t taken over yet”.

Libertarians also repeat the anti-war talking points that are contained this this video. I wonder if Ron Paul or Alex Jones produced it? The account that uploaded this Communist video has an Alex Jones video in his library as well. Go figure…

I found an old friend on Facebook and he explained to me that he was a “Conservative/Libertarian that believed George Bush was behind 9/11”. This ‘old friend’ also hated Ronald Reagan. Does he sound Conservative to you? I blocked him after he told me all of this nonsense.

Videos like “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It” are effective, because truth, lies and Communist propaganda are mixed together to fool people into believing everything.

This video is 1:35 mins and it contains GRAPHIC CONTENT:

2 thoughts on “North Korean Propaganda Video: “How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It””

  1. The narrator of this North Korean Communist video mentions the 1% over and over. Does that sound familiar? Occupy Wall Street #OWS.

    The video also mentions:

    How US tax dollars are used to fund Israel. This is another talking point that Libertarians love to spew to aid the enemy.

    Attacks religion and the Bible. I have lost count how many Libertarians tell me they are ‘conservative atheists’.

    Claims the Democrats and Republicans are funded by the same masters. This is becoming more true as Communism is becoming inevitable.

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