NOW The Unions Want OUT of Obama Care?

Steve Cooper

The useful idiots in the UNIONS helped Obama and his Soviet pals ram Socialist medicine down the throats of Americans, but now they want out due to the price hikes? The middle class are brainwashed and uneducated. This is a big problem, because the Democrats exploited them the same way that they exploited dead US Soldiers in Iraq, Gabby Giffords and the children shot to death at Sandy Hook.

I tried to warn these fools in the unions. One genius that I had a run in with last year was a Jewish American and he told me “I don’t care as long as I have my bennies (benefits)”.

My answer to him: “Sure, you only care about YOUR ‘bennies’, but you are not concerned about Obama’s Muslim pals lobbing rockets into Israel that is killing little Israeli kids”.

That comment sent him heading for the hills.

I do support union workers, because they are hard workers just trying to support their families. The problem is that their leaders are part of a radical Marxist agenda that is going to crush the middle class and the US economy.

This is my theory on what is going to happen:

  • The Unions will need a massive bailout eventually when 20 million illegal aliens get amnesty and they are absorbed into the work force.
  • Obama Care as you can see will also be a huge factor.
  • Wages of the workers will have to go down to accommodate 20 million illegal aliens.
  • All of this will cause union members to take to the streets and become violent. This will help fuel Obama’s Revolution that he desires to bring a DICTATORSHIP (sorry Hillary).
  • The US Government will then work hard to become the largest employer in the United Soviet States of America.

ALSO, Obama Care is creating a massive shortage of doctors and that will get much worse when 20 million illegal aliens get amnesty from Obama. I don’t believe that 11 million number at all that they are pushing.

Many Elitists support ‘Amnesty for Illegal Aliens’, because it will bring cheaper labor to America. The Unions are about to get stabbed in the back and I warned about this many years ago on the Jeff Kuhner radio show in Sept 2010.

Study shows that the Occupy Wall Street kids were ‘the children of the elite’. What a surprise! – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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2 thoughts on “NOW The Unions Want OUT of Obama Care?

  1. Yep. It’ll be the union workers who end up hurt the most by all of these bad policies. Many of them were already pissed about how much of the dues they’re forced to pay is given to the campaigns of politicians who they don’t support, some of whom they even oppose with a vengeance. Can you imagine how much more those who didn’t/don’t support or vote for Kenya Boy and other Demoncrats pushing all of these policies that are so hurtful to them are pissed off now, upon learning of this?

    They should convince their employers to accept the invitations extended by Rick Perry and members of Texas state congress to move their businesses to Texas. This is a right to work state, which means no forced union membership. We have no state income tax, which, like no union dues, means keeping more of your pay for yourself, to spend (or save) as you please. There’s not much here as far as govt handouts and entitlements go – nothing more than the federal govt demands – but there’s less unemployment and a lower cost of living here than in those entitlement-rich states. There are also many private charities, mostly headed up by churches and religious groups, that do what they can to help families who find themselves in a fix. (It’s true. People ARE more generous when the govt leaves them with more of the money they earn.)

    They should pack up everything except their big government ways and wishes and come on down to Texas.

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