NRA President: Americans Are Buying Firearms Because They Fear Feinstein & Obama

Steve Cooper

The Communists are VERY CLEVER.

They keep trying to link the NRA to gun manufacturers rather than the voice of the people. Instead, the Democrats keep repeating the lie that they are banning assault weapons to protect the people. No, they are seeking to ban assault rifles to disarm the people and PROTECT THEMSELVES.

The NRA represents Americans that own guns and this little detail drives liberals insane. So, they have to lie about it by trying to link the NRA to the ‘evil gun corporations’. It is always the evil corporations. This is Communist propaganda 101.

The gun debate needs to be changed from this is a ‘assault weapons ban’ to this is a ‘GUN BAN’ by Communists seeking to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

NOW is the time for the NRA to link the word Communists to the Democrat Party.

The NRA claims that they have the votes in Congress to stop the assault weapons ban. This is another reason for Obama to flex his new dictator muscles by claiming gun violence is a National Emergency and that he has the power to use his Executive Powers to ban assault weapons if Congress stops the ban. – NRA: We have the votes – Americans are buying guns, because they fear Feinstein & Obama – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s


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