NSA Spy Allegations Against World Leaders a Smear Campaign Against US Intelligence?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

I suspect the NSA allegations about spying on other countries was leaked on purpose to discredit the Intelligence Community and for the US to appear like a grave threat to global security. Communists have thoroughly infiltrated the US.

Russia INCREASED espionage after the collapse of the USSR. That was proof that their collapse was staged for strategic purposes. So, Russia is allowed to spy, but the US isn’t allowed?

Don’t forget that Russia has been run by a former KGB spy since 2000, Vladimir Putin. So, are you telling me that Putin has stopped all spying against the US and Europe?


Is the NSA a threat to freedom? Of course, if the Government is run by Marxists. My point is; information like this was leaked to create fear, paranoia and to damage the image of the US around the world. It is working.

Libertarians are the loudest critics here, because like Leftists they despise US Foreign Intelligence Agencies. Libertarians and Leftists wish to give the edge to our Foreign enemies and that is obvious by their comments that I have been reading on the Internet since 2003.

Was Rand Paul really trying to protect Muslim terrorists when he was speaking out about drone attacks or was he really concerned about Americans being killed by them?

So, Rand Paul was concerned that an American would be taken out by a drone while eating an ice cream cone in front of a store or was he concerned about the Al Qaeda terrorists that were getting ‘pegged’ by drones overseas? Be realistic…

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