NY Post: Putin and Snowden are COMRADES


Libertarians like Snowden are ‘Marxist Revolutionaries’ the same as Obama, but the people are too blind to see it. Snowden is further LEFT than Obama, but these Libertarians shout liberty as a distraction to cover their real beliefs.

Snowden went to China and Russia, because treason was his real agenda rather than liberty.

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5 thoughts on “NY Post: Putin and Snowden are COMRADES”

    1. The American Communists are working with the understanding that Moscow will lead the world communist revolution. Nothing needs to be written down on paper.

  1. Snowden is with WikiLeaks…have a look who’s there beside Assange…Israel Shamir…AKA
    Joran Jermas, a well known KGB-FSB operative…he’s also well known in Israel as a rabid neo-nazi leftist pretending to be Jewish while working full time for the terrorist Yasir Arafat…

    Truth is the tricky trio all work for Yvgenii Karpersky, of the famous Kaspersky labs “Anti-virus”, a branch of the KGB-FSB…Kaspersky being a old colleage of Vlad “Stalinovitch” Putin…With the anti-virus software in hundreds of millions of computers, they control them all and have already crashed whole countries with it…weak knees wimps like O’Bummer get them all hilarious, as they have him dancing on a string!

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