NYPD on high alert for ‘Possible’ 9/11 Anniversary attack

Both parties lack a president with enough balls to say this:

If there is any massive attack on the USA by “Al Qaeda” it will be seen as an act of war by Iran and Pakistan due to their links to the organization. They will be vaporized within one hour.

Ten years later and we are still not any safer, because our leaders lack the balls to cut the head of this snake off for good. Many of our leaders are also part of this conspiracy as well. The Marxists and Muslims are united to destroy Capitalism, the USA and Israel.

Iran and Pakistan both have earthquake faults that should be smacked with HAARP. What is HAARP? It is an electromagnetic weapon that can cause earthquakes.  Russia and China also have this weapon, but they call it Scalar. 

What makes me furious is that the average dope has no clue what 9/11 was really about and who was behind it.

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Rare photos of 9/11

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