NYPD Refuses to Defend Inspector Involved With Occupy Wall Street Mace Incident

Steve Cooper



I can tell you that as a retired NYPD cop it doesn’t shock me one bit that the NYPD is abandoning one of their own involved with a lawsuit. It is rare that they abandon a high ranking officer such as Inspector Bologna, but since this video was recorded that might be the reason.

I guess the City Lawyers got together and they felt that this suit could not be won and Inspector Bologna was abandoned. This man could now lose his house for defending the people of NYC from these Occupy Wall Street anarchists and terrorists.

The people of NY should be outraged that Inspector Bologna was abandoned by the Police Department and NYC, because this makes NYC less safer. Now, police are less likely to get involved and rightfully so.

From my experience as a police officer: These Occupy Protesters were most likely disobeying lawful orders to disperse, because they were blocking vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They were maced, because they were posing a danger to the public and the police officers on the scene. This is police procedure when you are dealing with unruly and violent protesters and you are in fear for YOUR SAFETY.

Shame on the NYPD for abandoning Inspector Bologna, a 29 year Veteran of the force. This is why I tell cops to do 20 years and GET OUT, because the Department will not back you if something gets into the media spotlight.


3 thoughts on “NYPD Refuses to Defend Inspector Involved With Occupy Wall Street Mace Incident”

  1. Pepper spray goes away once you wash your face with water. These loud mouth protesters want to fight dirty, but then they cry when they get their ass kicked by the police… too bad.

      1. Yes and they are also looking to clog up the justice system with lawsuits against the city. Plus, the city sometimes just pays them off, because it is cheaper than trials.

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