1 thought on “Obama Administration: We Will Force Christians To Act Against Their Faith – Obamacare – Fox Nation”

  1. The author of the story appears to be confused about the beliefs and practices of Christians. When he says ‘Christians’ he clearly implies in the story that he is talking about the beliefs and practices of all Christians. What he in fact is talking about are the beliefs of a minority of Christians and the practices of an even smaller group of Christians. For example, The Catholic Church is aginst birth control but when asked you find that about 98 percent of Catholic women in fact use birth control.

    The author of the story gives the example of “the owners of Hobby Lobby from being forced to act against their Christian faith”. Where I live there is a church supported by large donations from the owners of the Hobby Lobby. I once went there and was I happy to leave after the services. Their ‘Christian faith’ was real and felt from the heart. However, it was far far different in almost every aspect from that of the vast majority of Christians that I know of. To describe it is ‘fringe’ is an understatement.

    There are lots of reasons not to like Obamacare but ‘Christian faith’ is pushing the point to the limit and only for a small minority of people.

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