Obama Considers Restricting NSA Access to Phone Records

Conservative News Update:

Rand Paul, Edward Snowden and Obama are much closer than you believe, but the people are too brainwashed to see it. Are the ‘three wise men’ that I mentioned above trying to protect ‘your rights’ or the ability of our enemies to evade the NSA?

Why are Leftists so worried about surveillance? Got something to hide?


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  2. Steve, what the fuck is wrong with you? The only people with a problem with surveillance have something to hide? Are you kidding? You really are just a typical cop – an authoritarian establishment hack. You tell everybody else to wake up while you bash “libertarians” and make ridiculous statements that libertarians are just communists and othe equally ridiculous comments. Anything that doesn’t glorify the authority of the police and the Establishment Republicans – you criticize. Fuck You. I have been reading your blog for a few years. I have even encouraged you on occasion – but you’ve lost your mind. I’m tired of you telling us how smart you are, how stupid we are, all the while missing the big picture you purport to understand better than anybody else. I am a law abiding American – and I have everything to hide – because my life is none of your fucking business.

    Now go ahead and insult me, delete my post and block me.

      1. That’s your response? Laughable. Anybody that doesn’t agree with Steve is a Communist. Never mind that some people just want to live in what used to be a free country, without being spied on or told what we can eat, what we can read and where we can go. Nope. We’re all just supposed to role over for anybody in a uniform and if we don’t, we’re criminals or communists.

        Steve, I know you mean well, but you’re wrong. In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong.

        1. Liberal-tarians are paranoid from all of the pot that they smoke. You morons are still hiding under your beds waiting for Bush to declare Martial Law LMAO.

          Most pedophiles are left wingers and this is why they are so concerned about NSA surveillance!

          1. Man, you must be in great physical condition with all the exercise you get from jumping to conclusions. So anybody who is against constant surveillance is a pedophile? You are insane.

            I realize as a retired police officer, you couldn’t care any less about the Constitution, however, there are plenty of us who still do that, in spite of what your authoritarian establishment cop mind may think, don’t smoke dope, are not child molestors, pay our taxes, work 50 to 60 hours a week and otherwise obey the law – and we still don’t want the government in our lives. I know, difficult for you to comprehend, but true nonetheless.

      2. No, what they don’t care about is terrorists or criminals. If they did, they would close the borders where the terrorists are coming in, they would deport the illegals and anyone here on an expired visas and they would actually prosecute these people and put them in jail. They don’t do any of that because “the war on terror” is bullshit and nothing more than a Boogie Man to keep the public scared so they will roll over and surrender their rights to the storm troopers like you who insist they know better than we do. And if anybody has a problem with surrendering their rights, then they just accuse them of being communists, dope smokers or pedophiles. I see you’ve read Alinsky and learned well. If anybody here is a communist, it’s YOU. You are the one that thinks the State, as long as it says its “conservative” should have total authority. You aren’t fooling anybody. You’re an authoritarian, plain and simple. I bet you and O’liely would get along great.

          1. You’re damned right I’m the enemy of anti-freedom establishment authoritarians like you.

            You don’t have an argument (or a blog). You cant actually respond to any charge. All you do is make snide hit-and-run comments and anybody that challenges your “cops are god” mentality is a “communist”. You fancy yourself a student of history – maybe you could spend a little of your time reading the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration and maybe even a few pages of the Federalist papers? You’re full of shit. I’ve been doing this a VERY long time and I know authoritarianism when I see it. What do you have against FREEDOM? The Founders would hang you. Fact.

  3. The JBS was on top of the Communist takeover of the country many years ago.

    My question is, isn’t one of the concerns about Socialism/Communism the fact that the government controls everyone? If so, why is it okay for Federal agencies to spy on every American Citizen. Is this not what the KBG did in the USSR?

    To allow these agencies to spy on every citizen would mean that we would need to trust the people that are running the country. I cannot do that. If the NSA, FBI, CIA were doing their job they would have vetted the fraud known as Obama. They have not done this, and have actually covered for the foreign agent known as Obama.

    1. I wrote a long editorial about this before. The NSA program is an important tool for law enforcement, but can be dangerous with the wrong people in power. Liberals and Libertarians voted for Obama TWICE. So, thank them.

      Dennis Rodman is really just a black version of Edward Snowden. #NSA

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