Obama Declares Easter Sunday ‘Cesar Chavez Day’ After Labor Activist

Cesar chavez

Obama declared March 31st, 2013 as Cesar Chavez Day knowing that it was on Easter Sunday. Chavez is a left wing labor organizer and activist.

From the White House website:

Every year, Americans all across our country pause on March 31 to remember a man who made justice his life’s calling. Growing up the son of migrant farm workers who lost everything in the Great Depression, Cesar Chavez knew hard work and hardship from an early age.


He labored long hours for little pay, taking odd jobs to help his family get by and forgoing a formal education to follow the crop cycles. But where others might have given up or given in, Cesar Chavez never lost hope in the power of opportunity.


He lived each day by a belief as old as America itself — the idea that with courage and determination, any of us can reach beyond our circumstances and leave our children something better.




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  1. The fact is that he declared March 31 Cesar Chavez Day, his birthday, in 2011, not this year. In 2011 Easter was on April 24.

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