Obama gave Iran a ‘moral victory’ over the US in Iraq

Conservative News Update:

What does the unrest in Iraq really mean?

That U.S. blood is ‘cheap’ and that terrorism can’t be defeated. How do Veterans feel now that they are seeing Iraq collapse right before their eyes on TV this time.

How many of these Muslim Cowboys (trained by Iran) killed US soldiers during the Iraq War?

Iraq collapsing is a victory for Obama in the Muslim world, because he has handed over control of the Middle East to the Kremlin & Iran. Clearly, Obama surrendered to Iran when he withdrew US Troops from Iraq just as he surrendered to the Taliban last week with the Bergdahl trade.  

I bet the Veterans that fought against communism around the globe felt the same way after a Marxist won the 2008 Presidential Election.

What difference does it make?

Don’t buy the media hype and reports about the Iraq violence. This is all being orchestrated by Iran to demoralize the American people, to raise the price of oil and to place Israel in greater danger.

Iran has used ‘Sunni terrorists’ as surrogates many times in the past. It is all for a much larger and greater cause. The American people are clueless about ‘deception’.

Russian President Putin must be dancing in the streets now that oil prices are going up again thanks to his Iranian terror proxies.

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9 thoughts on “Obama gave Iran a ‘moral victory’ over the US in Iraq”

  1. There’s a reason I am one of your most prolific proponents, Steve, and this article is a very good example of your learned wisdom,, extensive research and plain old gut reasoning. (At least I can boast that I share ONE of those traits with you!) LOL
    I hope you repost the status update of either Friday or Thursday wherein you describe in detail how Iran is backing the march into Iraq and using the Shiites and Sunnis as surrogates. When I see the bare bones truth I can always recall it.
    That post exposes you for the oracle that you are. (I don’t mean psychic because ESP is just that, extra sensory!).
    I’m not trying to charm or blindly agree or glamorize you, I hope you know that. I know this will not inflate your ego.

  2. I don’t believe George W. Bush was in on this. If he was in some way, I’d say it was due to greed, payback, compromise.
    Is this true? I don’t like it when people act as if GW was an A-hole.
    I really enjoyed that “Bush Family Album” hour long show on FOX last night. What a nice family. I think though that even the nicest of families and the most honorable, and brave patriarchs can leave diluted phonies in their wake.
    What a world. What a world.

  3. obama belongs to one of those countries that has kings, My Mom/said in 1961 ,when Ann Dunham left the USA(Shes going over the water to marry her black prince,her babys daddy! I remember the news from that era!

    1. Posted on FB – The media keeps reporting the Saudi link to the violence in Iraq. Since when can we trust the media? Saudi Arabia would have been attacked by now if they were really behind this assault in Iraq. Use some common sense.

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