Obama Joined New Socialist Party in 1996

Obama Joined New Socialist Party in 1996

Steve Cooper

Obama Joined New Socialist Party in 1996? I saw this on Hannity last night and I remember when these rumors broke in 2008, but the Eligibility issue overshadowed it. Notice that they called the people behind this the same names that they call the Birthers? They called them “crackpots” and “right wing extremists”.

Well, it turns out that the Obama did belong to a Socialist Party in 1996. Maybe the Birthers are not so crazy after all and the script readers in the media are lying to help protect a criminal conspiracy?  

This Socialist Party wants the USA to follow the European Socialist model. What happens next when that system collapses economically? Chaos, anarchy and then a Communist Police State will be needed to gain control of society; that will be the next step….

No balls Romney will never bring this up, but maybe Trump will.


Stanley Kurtz’s
Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism


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