11 thoughts on “Obama: Lame Duck or Baby Dictator?”

  1. ovomit is an experimental hitler in my views.. and there are many more who agree with me on this …

  2. Dictator. He has a lot of similarities to Hitler. Confiscating guns, the ability to haul people away without due process via NDAA, regulating businesses so that they go out of business, nationalizing health care. These are all things Hitler did. Hitler also removed God from the schools and although Obama is not responsible for that it was already done for him by his party. And also this woman who lived through Hitler’s time and is a much better authority on the subject than any American could be also thinks so. http://blog.beliefnet.com/on_the_front_lines_of_the_culture_wars/2011/04/she-survived-hitler-and-wants-to-warn-america.html

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