Obama Met with IRS Union Boss Before the Tea Party ‘Witch Hunt’ Began

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

The Communists are clearly trying to incite the people. They are letting you all know that you can do nothing to stop them. It is too late. This is the psychological warfare that I have warned about many times in the past, but nobody listened to me.

Tea Party rookies told me fantasies about how ‘Pizza Man’ Herman Cain and ‘soccer mom’ Palin were going to save us. These people are out of touch with the gravity and danger of this situation.

The Military leaders are protecting Domestic enemies; thereby violating their Oaths to defend the US Constitution. I suspect this is being done to ensure that there is no nuclear war with Russia and China so World Government can be ushered in much smoother.

The Democrats are done using the ‘Useful Idiots’ that helped them achieve this goal.

Good job SHEEP….

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