Obama on the NFL Redskins: “I would think about changing the name”

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Everything that Obama does is about dividing people, rather than uniting them. Marxists feed off of distraction and chaos to overwhelm and confuse the people. Maybe the team should change their name from the ‘Redskins’ to the ‘Marxists’?

Native Americans should be honored that a historic NFL team is named after them. The leadership of the Native Americans clearly have a ‘race baiting’, leftist point of view.

The Redskins should change their name after the Democrats change their name to the Communist Party.




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2 thoughts on “Obama on the NFL Redskins: “I would think about changing the name””

  1. I’m a Traditionalist and have strongly argued in the past against any “Offensive to Leftists” agenda (sometimes known as “PC” agenda) I use in my argument such defenses as the history of the franchise, other team nicknames and mascots and the meaning, usage, tribute and respect given to ‘Redskins’ by their hometown fans and all NFL fans. I still have my personal correspondence with the late great Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke to show off about this.

    BUT, I’m willing to change (“Change” is good, right?) I will accept a team name change to ‘Capital Crusaders’. The Redskins play in Maryland and train in Virginia- they’re never IN Washington DC!

    Still, no doubt they like the metropolitan reference, so let them keep it and make it more meaningful. Our modern fight is against the anti-West, anti-Christian marauders so, let’s memorialize those brave Defenders of the Faith with a name and logo that befits our present situation.

    I recommend copying the statue of Richard the Lionheart outside the Parliament buildings in London. Ol’ King Richard knew how to handle Enemies of the Christian West.
    That would please me, how ’bout you?

    there is the added benefit of outraging the always offended Professional Left all over again- wouldn’t that just be delicious gravy?

    PS: challenging the Fifth Column Quislings to change their Party name simultaneously is a wonderful addition to my shutdown putdowns. I will use it.

  2. (no edit function)
    I meant copying the image of King Richard for the logo, befitting Warrior Defenders of the Faith

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