Obama Pamphlet From 1991 States ‘Born in Kenya’

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Obama Pamphlet From 1991 States ‘Born in Kenya’

Steve Cooper

Beck, Bill O’ and Breitbart’s editors need to issue an apology to the entire Birther movement for their lies and smears to protect a CONSPIRACY.

John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden (for starters) need to be questioned about this under oath. The liars in the media need to be investigated for assisting in the cover up of MULTIPLE FELONIES. Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Chris Matthews and the rest need to be INVESTIGATED.

LTC Lakin was thrown in jail to protect this conspiracy and that is totally forgotten. LTC Lakin should be given his job back IMMEDIATELY.

The media, the Republicans, Democrats and Obama will just ignore this and paint it as a forgery or a conspiracy.



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