Obama Pushes Commie Agenda in Berlin: No Nukes and Global Warming

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This man is a disgrace and so is anyone that supported him…

Putin obviously gave Obama the script when they met at the G8 and he is running with it….

Obama is staging the collapse of the economy and the national defense the same way that the KGB staged the Soviet Union’s collapse.


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26 thoughts on “Obama Pushes Commie Agenda in Berlin: No Nukes and Global Warming”

  1. Obama tries his lies and brainwashing tactics on the German people. Only a fraction in number btw than in 2008 (2009?). I guess we were in much more danger 50 years ago than we are today, huh? So, he doesn’t see the threat of terror because it’s hiding? He says there is no danger from the Syrian civil war , a religious war that will leave ALL it’s enemies dead and our ALLIES diminished.
    If all he wants is fame, wth didn’t the USURPING FRAUD just become an actor?
    He’s stupid enough.
    He doesn’t care anymore whether or not the public believes his deception and lies. Instead of saying it is still POSSIBLE to protect America and the world’s ABILITY ( oh wait no… he likes to refer to our and other nations as “the planet”) to defend and deter threats with a diminished nuclear capability………..Why is he not saying the real deal??

    What it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DO!
    It is impossible to protect ourselves against raging animosity towards our Nation, irregardless of the reason our enemies may have to hate us. While we limit our nukes they will add to their arsenals and probably so because Obama has given away all our secrets.
    When the chopper went down after Seal Team Six took out bin Laden (supposedly though the body was never positively i.d’d)….. it was left in Pakistan and obama’s excuses worrked on the sheep.
    There are too many incidents of his deceit to list. You all know it already.
    Edward Snowden, I’m sure, is a part of the plot to take our country down to size.
    EVERYBODY hates us and so does Obama!
    America is like a beautiful woman, hated for her beauty.

  2. “What difference could it possibly make at this point if” Barack Obama is a LIAR!!? The only ratings that matter now are Hillary Clinton’s. I don’t care what anyone says, she’s bound to run and even though it’s not her turn to win, the Clintons know how to make deals.

    Can you imagine the world after 2016 with POTUS, Hillary Clinton.
    I CAN’T..

      1. Steve, I’ve read your posts and comments regarding Hillary and how she is hated and won’t be in the running in 2016. You just never know what the American people are willing to accept though. What short memories everyone has when they have no brain cells to use because they don’t use them in the first place.

        Susan Rice.

  3. OMG they’re talking about Hillary on Bill O’Rielly! State dept. , Darryl Issa. I only wish I had the thing built into me that some Monster fans do. I have deliberately floated away from that show to do something I consider more important. Now begins the intuiting of the whole deal!
    … And that’s why I need you intel buffs. TY Conservative Monster! I am your loyal fan,


    1. I base my analysis on this formula: “What would I do next if I were a treasonous Liberal or a Muslim terrorist that wanted to destroy Capitalism and the USA? Then I come up with an answer…


    1. Well said…Obama was rallying the Global Marxist Movement with the “No Nukes” talk.

      I am finally releasing my formula for analysis to the public. I say to myself: “What would I do next if I were a treasonous Liberal or a Muslim terrorist that wanted to destroy Capitalism and the USA?” Then I come up with an answer…

    2. Last night, James Rosen hinted on Bill O’ that more is coming out about Hillary’s bad management of the State Dept. I have been saying this. She has many enemies on the Left as well. They want Obama to squash term limits rather than to have Hillary lead.


  5. As I said on your FB status, Steve, I think your theory is genius. Or as Sherlock Holmes might say, Elementary! They’re both the same because to know that if it appears to be what it looks like it is and acts the same, it most likely is. I’ve always held this premise. Thing is though, I’m not as hard a worker or thinker as you and many of your loyal fans, Steve..

    I’m so grateful for the intelligence I find here , not to mention the intellect.

  6. Wow. Forgive me for commenting on your posts from the earliest first but the one about Rosen spilling the beans on Hillary’s screw ups and misdeeds is frightening because you’re so right. The Lazy Lunatic Left would rather be spoon fed obama the fraud for another 4 years.

    That was the O’rielly show that I walked away from as I said earlier here, because I had some business to tend to. I’m glad you trust your gut Steve AND that we can all talk here w/o prying eyes. My intuition is keen because I have raised children in TWO generations. The first didn’t turn nout so well. The Hippie generation’s kids, you know. However, I feel that the Millenials, of which my 19 yr old son is part of, could possibly be the thing that helps that good old pendulum swing back. They’ve got what it takes and less of a family breakdown than their predecessors. I can’t begin to say how hard it was to raise those two kids alone for most of their lives. I kept my family together the best I could but of course had to eradicate psychopaths , drug addicts and just evil in general. If you grew up the hard way like me, you learn to be tough because you have to be. I was lucky to have a really stable aunt and uncle who I used as role models because my poor mom died way too soon and so did my dad. WWII Battle of the Bulge veteran.

  7. ~~~~ SORRY!! ~~~~ Don’t know how that happened! Hope you can erase it, it was too personal already!! If you can get rid of that last one it’d be good.

    thanks!! 🙂

  8. I know first had from holding a seat on the Republican Committe in my district that indeed we had infiltrators but only SOME of us were willing to talk about it and try to stop it. We ended up fragmenting into two separate groups and for a while, the good guys were in charge. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that the ACLU and it’s counterparts were playing chess while we played checkers. I felt so bad for the man who was on our side (they called us the parking lot wrecking crew). We drummed up enough support to vote him into Chairperson. The chosen ones on the other side voted with us, the idiots who are always told how to vote, in the back of our miinds we new what was coming but I guess we just thought if we stuck together, welll…….
    It was painful as hell to watch my friend Sam get virtually CRUCIFIED by these bastards.
    I just had to get out. Some of the crew still sit on the committee and we may even have one on the board. Me, no thanks. Life is hard enough. I learned something and made true friends so how bad can it be really..

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