Obama: Voters ‘Scared,’ Not Thinking Clearly About Election

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Obama has declared you all too stupid to see that this is a Marxist revolution in the making. The rich elitists in Massachusetts, California, New York and Connecticut see very clearly what is going on and that is why they are pumping the Democrats with major donations.

The American people have been dumbed down on communism and socialism for so long that they can not even decode communist talking points like this, but that is where I come in. Obama is trying to confuse you all with left wing double talking lies. You are all witnessing the destruction of the middle class, remolding of society, class structures and capitalist system by Marxists. Many of these useful idiots that think they will be part of the ruling class will be in for a rude awakening when they are left out in the cold.

Former supporters (left wing useful idiots) are usually the first ones in line to be executed after a revolution occurs, because they will feel betrayed. The regime will see them as the greatest threat to their power and they will have to be dealt with severely to preserve their power.

Many college students are also being misled by their Marxist professors, because there are only so many job openings. That is why we see many students out of work that have a Masters degree. They have been spoon fed Marxist lies to support the movement, but many of them find out the truth once they are out in the REAL WORLD.   

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