Obama Wants to Give $450 Million to Egypt

Steve Cooper

The more they hate us; THE MORE WE GIVE. Muslims attack our Embassies and then we send them money to buy their friendship? Why don’t the wealthy Arab Sheiks give financial aid to the terrorists? I mean, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Terrorism is being used to extort money from the USA. The answer is right in front of your noses, but the so called ‘experts’ on cable news lack the guts to say it.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist Muslim organization, but what else would you expect from Obama? Obama is an extremist as well. The current leader of Al Qaeda was Muslim Brotherhood, but the media seems to skip that information.

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2 thoughts on “Obama Wants to Give $450 Million to Egypt”

  1. There are a few things to keep in mind about US foreign aid in the Middle East.

    1 – Economic aid of $450m to Egypt is about half of what the US gave them 10 years ago ($750M). The amount has been going down almost every year over the last ten years.
    2 – Israel receives about twice as much US aid as Egypt. Israel has, over the last ten years, always received way more than Egypt (normally around $1B more every year). It currently works out to a bit over $400 for every man, woman, and child in Israel per year.
    3 – Add what goes to Egypt and what goes to Israel together and you will see that they total about 1 out of every 3 US foreign aid dollars.
    4 – Neither Israel or Egypt is a “developing” country.
    5 – Most of the aid to both Israel and Egypt receive is for guns and bombs not social or economic improvements.
    6 – Poor countries like Haiti receive almost no aid from the US.

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