Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Origins by Andrew C. McCarthy

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Obamacare originated from the Senate first and that is a violation of the Constitution. This was stated a long time ago…but ignored. The people have no voice or power and that is a sign of tyranny.

Andrew C. McCarthy is a former Assistant US Attorney


Thanks to the Supreme Court, it is now undeniable that Obamacare was tax legislation. It was also, by its own proclamation, a bill for raising revenue. Democrats maintained that the Senate proposal would reduce the federal budget deficit by $130 billion. More to the point, the bill contained 17 explicit “Revenue Provisions” — none of which was remotely related to the House bill to which the Senate proposal was attached.

Therefore, Obamacare is revenue-raising tax legislation, originated in the Senate in violation of the Constitution.


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5 thoughts on “Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Origins by Andrew C. McCarthy”

  1. Posted by a Conservative Monster fan on Facebook –

    I went to pick up my medical records today because my Doctor has closed her Queens office and only keeping her Brooklyn office open. I asked her Assistant why she decided to close up the Queens office and she told me because of the new healthcare laws, they are forbidding “Sole” Practitioners from having more than one office.

    In fact, they are discouraging doctors from having private practices altogether. They want them all to be part of these group practices. Gone are the days when you could see one doctor who really knew you and you could form a relationship with. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it America.

  2. How right you are. take a look America,l you wanted God to leave, so He did now what do you have, Obama. So live it up and go out to a nice federal park or go for a swim in Biscayne Bay, or maybe go home on that federal property you have own for the past thirty years.and relax on this wonderful autumn day.

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