Obama’s Gay Marriage Deception

Obama’s Gay Marriage Deception

Steve Cooper

Please share and read this entire editorial, because it is important for people to understand the deception behind many of the tactics that are being employed today.

First, there was a war against the poor. Then the war against the uninsured. Then the war on blacks (according to race baiter Al Sharpton). Then there was a war on women and NOW there is a war against gays. The Democrat Party is the great divider of people and the nation.

I think gays need to study history to see how dictatorships have treated gays in the past. They continue to believe that Obama is a Democrat, but in fact he is NOT. He is a Marxist, this was admitted in his book when he said that “I sought out the most radical Marxist professors while at Harvard”. His mother was a Communist and he also studied Islam in Indonesia. It is no secret how Muslims treat gays at this point. 

People should be alarmed by the way that people are being divided up into groups like this, because this is what they will do when a Dictatorship is in place. People will be divided by class, religion, sex, sexual preference, obesity and then targeted. This is how it works, but people refuse to look at history, because they are blinded by their own agendas. PERSONAL AGENDAS is what the Democrats target.

Many leftists claim that everyone is equal, but then they push affirmative action for blacks, because they see them as ‘disadvantaged’. Basically, leftists are implying that blacks need the help, because they are not as smart as Asians and White people? Do leftists see gays as the weaker link to the human race and they need to be helped along too? Hitler saw gays and blacks the SAME WAY….interesting huh?  

Socialized medicine will be used to take away rights ‘for the good of the people’. Something will have to be done if AIDS is spreading and it is costing the Government too much money for healthcare. So, all of these registered gays that are now married will eventually be targeted for MANDATORY AIDS tests and isolated from the population to prevent the spread of the disease. Think it can’t happen? Think again….    

Many of the ‘radical left’ are upset with Obama, because they want him to stop waiting and just declare that he is a Socialist Dictator already so there will be no need for any more pesky elections. WE are one major crisis away from a dictatorship from being declared and I am not the only analyst saying this. 

Obama did a double speak on this issue, but most gays missed it due to being so giddy over Obama’s gay marriage endorsement. Obama said that “his daughters helped changed his mind on the issue of gay marriage, because he only supported civil unions for gays”. Now, he says that he supports gay marriage?

THEN, Obama said that the issue is “really for the states to decide and NOT a federal issue”. Many people missed this part of his statement. So, he is already leaving an escape route. The most interesting detail about all of this is that this entire controversy was STAGED.

Biden’s ‘gay marriage gaffe’ last week opened the door for this Obama’s gay marriage endorsement PRIOR to his FUND RAISER in Hollywood. Do you mean to tell me that you believe this all happened by accident? Obama made 15 million dollars on that trip to George Clooney’s house.

Plus, The Washington Post just happened to release a coordinated attack on Romney the day after Obama’s ‘change of heart’ about gay marriage? This was no coincidence. The attack on Romney was a fake story about a High School bullying incident against a gay kid? The family later came out and said that “it never happened”.   

The best part about all of this is that gay marriage knocked the bad economy out of the news for another week. In two weeks there will be another fake controversy handed over to the media like a football and they will run with it.      

What else took place last week? North Carolina banned gay marriage and the U.S. Military banned it from their bases, but gays still believe Obama? They are brainwashed and naive. The timing was perfect to drop this bombshell right before the Hollywood trip for CAMPAIGN CASH. 


Not only do the Democrats get a free pass from the media for these divide and conquer tactics, but they are also assisted by the largely Democrat media.

When I was much younger, I used to wonder why the media would play up race issues to purposely cause unrest. It was obvious that was their intention. The reason is NOT for ratings like most of you believe it is. The real reason is that a chaotic society was needed to advance the radical agenda of Marxism.

A breakdown that would lead to the erosion of the traditional family and all values. The goal is to basically turn people into animals to justify a Government crackdown and police state for the lower and middle classes. The Elitists in the media would be immune from this police state, because they think that they are better than you all (at least they think that they will be spared).

I also find it interesting that the Communists within the Democrat Party changed ‘Gay Marriage’ to ‘same sex marriage’. I guess people had a negative views towards gays and their lifestyle so they want to make the label more bland.   

The same tactic was done when ‘Global Warming’ was changed to ‘Climate Change’. This change took place when data was leaking out that the world was not getting warmer. Also the ‘Climate Gate’ scandal proved that scientists were manipulating data, because they wanted to continue the conspiracy for profit. Global warming is a ‘Socialist scam’ to hit the people up for more taxes. Everything these people do is a scam and gay marriage is no different.         


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