Obama’s Syria Scenario was old news to Conservative Monster Readers

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

For over one year I was telling a family member (a Democrat) my theory that Obama and the Russians will stage a fake feud over Syria. His answer was the same as the rest of them “you’re crazy”.

Well, after the past week I am not so crazy after all. This family member won’t even talk about it now, because he knows that I called it long ago.

Not one Military or CIA analyst in the media played out this scenario better than I did on The Conservative Monster. I would like to see the evidence, because mine is well documented on Facebook, Twitter and The Conservative Monster.

Muslims are not even outraged by Obama’s threats against Syria, because they know that he is going along with the playbook to reach a much larger goal that will change the world as we know it. Anyone that would do that must be an evil and dangerous man.

What about Israel? The media is barely talking about the danger that Obama is putting Israel into by attacking or even threatening to attack Syria. Obama would have never withdrawn US Troops from Iraq if he really cared about freeing the people of the Middle East from tyranny.

Also, do you really believe that Obama has the guts to take on KGB Putin? Very funny..

Obama is doing exactly what the Kremlin is telling him to do and that is to stage a conflict to raise the price of oil, this will damage the US economy further and put Israel into greater danger. I see it very clearly…

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9 thoughts on “Obama’s Syria Scenario was old news to Conservative Monster Readers”

  1. I predicted that Obama will wait until after the Sunday talk shows air to bomb Syria so they can report on his historic speech at the MLK rally. So, maybe the attack will begin after the Sunday morning shows air?

      1. Russia staged their collapse so their debts could be dissolved. Plus, they could deny responsibility for the ethnic cleansing that took place after in Georgia and the Ukraine. Supposed rogue generals then sold weapons to every Muslim terrorist they could find via Belarus. it worked like a charm …many sheep still believe that the collapse was real lol.

          1. YOU should hear the talk on msnbc. Their main purpose is to distort the truth which is already obvious of couse to the non-sheep. Right now they’re reading an “official statement” from the Syrian Rebels. They feel dismayed at O’Bomba’s contradictory promises and delays…
            With my tickintimeobama acct I can only respond on replies..

  2. No, your Syrian scenario is dead to rights in my humble opinion. I just wish I had more time to devote to my interest in politics and journalism. I am thankful for the Conservative Monster, a trusted source for real facts, real truth, real NEWS! — Cece Rider

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