Occupy Wall Street Communists Plan Global May Day Chaos

Occupy Wall Street Communists Plan Global May Day Chaos

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

FIRST, I love how the media lies to protect the COMMUNIST Occupy Wall Street Terrorists. The media would say “They really don’t have one particular issue …blah, blah”. The entire Government Controlled Media was reading the same script and they were told not to report the Occupy Wall Street movement as a Communist or Socialist movement. Why? They want your guard down and clueless about the danger you are in.

Many people in Europe know what OWS is about, but NOT the American Idiots. The American Idiots can tell you who got eliminated from American Idol last week though. That they know. 

The Occupy Wall Street terrorists are really conspiring to undermine Capitalism and the U.S. government for the enemy. Recently, protesters went to Iran to be trained. Who trained them? Russian Intelligence maybe? The fools better wake up, because this is no joke any longer. This is a very dangerous game.

The OWS movement needs to be labeled as a terrorist movement, but instead it is embraced by other radicals such as Pelosi and Obama. Many Ron Paul loons, anarchists and Libertarians are embedded into the OWS movement as well, because they are seeking to create unrest and inspire a REVOLUTION. What kind of revolution exactly? Marxist of course. 

When I was a Police Officer, I warned Detectives (back in 2007) that a Marxist Revolution was coming and that ‘left wing’ terrorists will be the enemy. They laughed in my face. Why? They have been trained by the same Marxist Establishment to be unable to see the truth. Well, it looks like I was right…AGAIN.

One genius told me that he was “trained by the CIA”. I said “Oh really? They were only infiltrated by Communists 50 years ago”. He rolled his eyes after I said that, because he has no frigging clue. I am retired, but I continue to speak the truth.

This guy is supposed to protect you? HE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO THE ENEMY IS.



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